Our Company

We do our work with pleasure, and want you to feel it. There is no other taxi companies where the passenger is as important as in "Taxi Pasquali." "And we do not just talk, we act! We take it to heart that made for the journey and the stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible will. Our drivers are highly trained for their task and offer you the best service, not because it is their job, no, because it gives them great joy.

Our customers appreciate our services such as punctuality and courtesy and fair price, and continue your life with our company. Our taxi vehicles are modern and comfortable and offer a high level of security. Ride with us, reliable, fast and comfortable! We are trying the best to offer you service to make you feel comfortable in our country.

Our drivers have very good knowledge of English, German, Russian and Hungarian language. We have experience with the handling of tourists, and will ensure that you are always and everywhere punctual and comfortable way. If you have special requirements or requests for rides, please tell us and we will do the best for you. With our well-organized travel system, we give you the option to bring our drivers always on time and with great safety to your destination.

Our Services

  •  Transport 
  • Airport or train station transfer
  • Excursions
  • Assistance with booking
  • Interpreters for shopping trips (shopping trips, pharmacy, etc.)

We offer a complete package, which consists of the airport pick up to the hotel, with possible medical treatments to shopping and excursions, such as museum, city tours, concerts, etc., and back to the airport. And all with interpreters accompaniment.


Austria is the ideal place for rest and relaxation of body and soul. Austria offers every season, for every guest; sports (skiing, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing and horseback riding) and culturally (live concerts of famous artists, opera and operetta performances, etc.)

Transfer from the airport to the hotel

The taxi driver is located in the arrivals hall with a sign in his hand, where your name or your company's name is on it. Our taxi driver is using online all the latest on your arrival at the airport, and therefore he expects you in time.

Transfer from hotel to airport

You just need to tell us at what time and where we have to pick you, or when you need to be at the airport and we will pick you up on time on the agreed place, and we guarantee you easily and on time to take you to the airport.